School teacher jobs in USA

Education is one of the best ways to transform the lives of millions. It is one such segment which can create rippling effect of growth and

international teaching jobs

If You are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people” 

— Chinese Proverb

Why do we use it?

international teaching jobs

Successful Education Systems

  • Education is considered as the key Driver for economic development of their Society. Hence, spending money on Education is taken as a wise long term investment by the policy makers.
  • The focus is mainly on learning outcomes. All their assessment metrics are centred around students learning and application of knowledge.
  • Teachers are highly respected and it is one of the most rewarding professions. The best brains of the country are thus attracted towards teaching careers, resulting in an improved quality of education and better growth.
  • Policy makers have highest level of commitment for quality education and the same continues, till it is translated into policy framework and their effective implementation.
international teaching jobs

Other Countries

  • Education is as an obligation to the society, hence it is considered as an expenditure. Education policies are highly influenced by political agendas, hindering the growth of the country.
  • The focus is mainly on visible inputs such as no. of Schools, Students enrolment, no. of teachers or courses etc. Actual learning outcomes are ignored.
  • Teaching is a low profile profession.The level of social respect and capacity to earn are both quite low. Hence, attracting the best into this profession is a big challenge, leading to a slower growth of the next generation.
  • Most of the policy makers fail while translating their commitment into actions. Hence their commitment remains on the walls in the form of a vision and mission statements.
Preeti Bothra

Preeti Bothra

After completing MBA from IBS Hyderabad, I joined the recruitment business. However it was by chance that I started working on Healthcare segment and In the last 6 years I have developed keen interest in helping Nurses shape their career. On the other hand, I am a food lover and enjoy working out when I stop fitting in my dresses :)

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