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Social Science Group

Hiring Banking and Finance Assistant Prof/Associate Prof/Professors

Image Ethiopia,

Vacancies - 5

  • Ph.D.
  • 2 Years Exp.

54 days ago


Social Science Group

Hiring Transport and Transit Management Assistant Prof/Associate Prof/Professors

Image Ethiopia,

Vacancies - 5

  • Ph.D.
  • 2 Years Exp.

54 days ago


Teaching Jobs in Government Universities in Ethiopia

Ethiopia, one of the oldest countries in the world, is a fusion of a rich cultural heritage and modernisation through education. Its higher education landscape comprises 50+ universities—both public and private.

Since 1995, the government of Ethiopia has consistently focused on expanding avenues and upgrading the quality of education in the fields of engineering, social sciences, natural sciences, medicine, pharmacy, agriculture in more than 800 specialisations. What started out as 6 universities has expanded into more than 50, and the government has been slowly shifting focus towards research, and developing universities of excellence.

However, the continuous expansion of their education sector has created a shortfall of local faculty for teaching UG, PG and PHD students at the universities and a career path for teachers at different levels.

Indian professors have successfully scaled this career path by filling the gap for many years and have created a place of high respect for the Indian teaching community in Ethiopia –  some even having taught the Ethiopian Presidents and respected political figures at a time.

Come, join this coveted community to contribute to the future of a nation and build yourself a long-lasting and remarkable career.

Basic Salary

Academic RankMaths and Natural ScienceEngineeringInformaticsMedicine and PharmacySocial Science and Law
Professor$1820-$3250$2080 - $4550$1950 - $4550$1950 - $4550$1820 - $3250
Associate Professor$1690-$2600$2080 - $3900$1950 - $3900$1950 - $3900$1690 - $2600
Assistant Professor$1560-$1950$2015 - $3250$1950 - $3250$1950 - $3250$1560 - $1950
Lecturer$1300-$1950$1950 - $2860$1950 - $2860$1950 - $2860$1300 - $1950

Qualification Required

  • 01

    PHD is mandatory for all teaching jobs in Ethiopia.

  • 02

    Minimum 2 years of teaching experience.

  • 03

    Industry experience is an added advantage.

  • 04

    Research exposure is desirable.

Other Benefits

  • percent@3x

    Tax free salary for the first contract

  • document-5@3x

    2 years contract and renewable on mutual consent

  • plane-3@3x

    Air tickets for self and family

  • shape@3x

    Low cost of living: $300 to 400 PM

Simple Process

Ethiopia Highlights

  • One of the fastest growing economies in Africa and the world.

  • Large and diverse population in Africa, with 100 - 110 millions people.

  • Ethiopia boosts a very pleasant weather through the year.

  • Ethiopians are known as one of the most polite and humble people across Africa.

  • It is believed that human race has started in Ethiopia.

  • Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia in a region called Kaafa.

  • Maintains its own time and calendar

  • Ethiopian airlines, is Africa's largest and most successful airlines.

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