Teaching jobs in the Maldives

If you are a teacher, who is looking for a work assignment in a spectacular country, where you could contribute meaningfully to the students life while living in the most peaceful environment. The answer is “MALDIVES

Maldives is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. It is made up of 1192 small islands which are all different in their own unique way. Every Island has its own tradition and life style. Some of the islands will be more conservative while many will have a contemporary vibe. However whole of Maldives has one thing in common  that is the warm and cordial behaviour of locals, and in particular, teachers in Maldives are very well respected.

Think of living here for a year and saving a good chunk while enjoying the beautiful landscapes.

The Ministry of Education, Maldives runs 212 government schools, spread across 19 atolls. You are likely to find expatriate staff teaching in all Government Schools at Primary and Secondary Level from India and Sri Lanka.

For the academic year 2019 – 20, Global Placements based in Hyderabad, India was authorised to provide teachers to MOE for all government schools*.

Teaching jobs in the Maldives
Explore the Spiritual Side, Colourful Side and Fun side of Maldives

Teaching Job opportunity in Maldives is definitely an exciting one, Read below and I am sure you will be thrilled too.

Good Pay and a Tax free salary, make it HIGH SAVING potential

Expat teachers working under Ministry of Education, Maldives are offered a salary of INR 75,000 – 80,000 per month, be it at primary or secondary level. The cost of living will vary from island to island. On an average you can save around INR 40,000 to 50,000 per month from your salary alone.

Possibility of private Tutoring

While this option may not be available on all the islands. But in the capital city and all big islands, teachers can indulge into private tutoring after the assigned work hours at school. With more focus on education and building a career for kids, parents are now inclined towards additional classes and tutoring.

Experiencing the Cambridge Curriculum

Schools in Maldives follow Cambridge curriculum for both, “O” level and “A” level, providing a global standard of education. As a teacher you will be involved in setting the lesson plan, creating an environment where the student becomes more knowledgeable and skilful, and ensuring continuous growth and development.

Air ticket for Self, while you can take along your family

Expatriate teachers are provided with too and fro air tickets for self and you are always open to take your family (at your own cost). While you think about this as a costly affair, let me tell you that your kid will be provided free education at the government schools. 

Initial Health Check up, Visa Fee and Orientation will be taken care off

Once you land in Male’, you will be provided with free accommodation and food for a week, before being deployed to respective islands. During this time your Health checkup and orientation program will be undertaken by MOE, while a Global Placements will always be available for assistance.

Paid Holidays

Every Expatriate teacher will be entitled for 30 days paid holidays while the school will be closed. Also they are allowed to take 30 days sick leave in a year. (These leaves cannot be cumulated and taken at once)

Safe living environment

Maldives is a very safe country to live in.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is provided for all teachers through the contract period. Under this In patient expenses will be covered.

Maldivians love Indian food and movies

With close ties with India and a big brother status we enjoy, you will find large number of Indian restaurants across the Capital city. Maldivians also enjoy bolloywood an other Indian movies and series. This can be an easy way to break the ice and familiarise with locals. Maldives culture has very rich traditions and they are quite alined with Indian traditions.

Experience the most beautiful and Peaceful Island life

It will be no less than a dream, being surrounded by crystal clear waters and living on white sand beaches. Maldives is surely one of the most beautiful countries, where on the islands you can enjoy the serene and peaceful life away from the bustling city life. On weekends or holidays, you can go for water rides or just stroll on the beach and be grateful.

I am sure all these reasons will make you excited, but I think the most important of all will be the respect you will receive as a teacher in Maldives. It is one of the most revered profession and I am sure it will be worth experiencing.

Thinking of teachers, I am now reminded of a quote

The Mediocre Teacher Tells

The Good Teacher Explains

The Superior Teacher Demonstrates

The Great Teacher INSPIRES

-Sir William Arthur Ward

References Taken:

  1. MOE, Maldives website- Regarding recruitment of expatriate staff https://www.moe.gov.mv/assets/upload/Global_palcements.pdf
Preeti Bothra

Preeti Bothra

After completing MBA from IBS Hyderabad, I joined the recruitment business. However it was by chance that I started working on Healthcare segment and In the last 6 years I have developed keen interest in helping Nurses shape their career. On the other hand, I am a food lover and enjoy working out when I stop fitting in my dresses :)

11 responses to “Why work in Maldives as a Teacher?”

  1. Avatar kishan lal saini says:

    I am interested to do teaching job in Maldives. I have post graduation degree. and b.ed also. Ihave long experience of 20 years in education field. I am energetic and passionate to teach always. My subject is english I have also admin experience in education . mob 9785002160.

    • Preeti Bothra Preeti Bothra says:

      Hello Mr. Saini,
      Thank you for your interest. Please fill teachers form over the website (under register now tab). Our Team will connect with you.

  2. Avatar Savita Shrinivas Kulkarni says:

    Do you provide accomodation for the teachers ?

    • Preeti Bothra Preeti Bothra says:

      Hello Ms. Savita,
      Hope you are doing good…!!

      Accommodation is not provided. However, once the Teacher reaches Male’, we provide a weeks stay in the capital to complete all the documents and forms.

  3. Avatar Vineet khandelwal says:

    Hello Preeti,
    Kudos to you for writing so beautifully about Maldives and empowering role of mentor in education so well!
    I am very impressed with the nutshell of your written blog. I seriously felt like that someone has stolen my feelings.
    I also want to become a part of it asap. I have applied too for this current year recruitment going these days but I am a bit anxious for the final round that has to be done in the upcoming week.
    Hope to get a breakthrough….Fingers crossed….Rest is all god wish….

    At the end, I wish u all the best…keep writing and keep inspiring others!

    • Preeti Bothra Preeti Bothra says:

      Hello Mr. Vineet,

      Thank you for your appreciation and best wishes for your next career move..:)

  4. Avatar Sumaya Ameen says:

    Hi mam
    I am interested to start my teaching career from Maldives. But I have just completed my BEd course. Can you tell me whether I can apply for the teacher post in Maldives?

  5. Avatar Jawhar.N.H says:

    I am interested to work as a teacher in Maldives .My qualification is Bachelor degree in English and I have completed NCVT welding also ,I have experience in teaching both technical and non technical schools (private) . How Can I get a teacher job?

  6. Avatar Sunita yadav says:

    I.am interested in teaching . I have 20 years of experience in teaching Hindi and Personality development. I can teach english , as well as history at primary level. I can teach tourism , value system/personality development and journalism at secondary level . I am Ph.D, M.A M ed, B.A B.ed, Diploma in Translation ,Journalism and photography .

  7. Avatar Mani Amutha K says:

    I’m Mani Amutha working as teacher and handling X STD mathematics. I have 10 years experience in this field. I’m interested in joining as a teacher in Maldives. Please help me

    • Preeti Bothra Preeti Bothra says:

      Dear Amutha,

      Thank you for writing to us. Please register your application on the website and our team will connect with you soon.

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