Our successful Medical Drive for MOHH, Singapore

​​​MOH Holdings (MOHH) is the holding company of Singapore’s public healthcare clusters – National University Health System, National Healthcare Group and Singapore Health Services. Sharing the Ministry of Health’s vision to champion a healthy nation and ensure that our people live well, live long and with peace of mind, our role is to enhance public healthcare sector performance by unlocking synergies and economies of scale.

A Collaborative Effort

In an impressive display of dedication and collaboration, we are thrilled to announce the successful culmination of our largest nurse recruitment drive for Singapore hospitals. This drive took place in India, and it was conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Health Holdings Singapore. The results have exceeded our expectations, highlighting our shared commitment to strengthening healthcare services.

The Search for Exceptional Talent

Scouring India’s Nursing Talent

Over the past few months, we scoured the vast talent pool of Indian nurses, meticulously assessing their skills, experience, and passion for patient care.

Selecting the Best of the Best

After a rigorous selection process, we are proud to welcome 200 highly qualified and compassionate nurses to join the healthcare workforce in Singapore. These nurses bring with them a wealth of experience and diverse backgrounds, enriching the fabric of our healthcare community.

A Commitment to Excellence

Strengthening Singapore’s Healthcare

This achievement is a testament to the collective effort of our team, the Ministry of Health Holdings Singapore, and the incredible nurses who have chosen to embark on this journey.

Enhancing Quality and Well-being

We, as a committed team, strive to enhance the quality of healthcare in Singapore while also ensuring the well-being of its citizens. Our success in this endeavor only strengthens our resolve to continue fostering partnerships that bring about positive change in healthcare systems worldwide.

We might be far away from you, but we promise you never feel so