Dec 10, 2020

Many Indian schools become CARTE BLANCHE Digital Schools, with active participation of school trustees, principals, teachers, parents and children amongst various stakeholders.

Tech Avant-Garde (TAG), a technology-powered Ed-Tech company and Microsoft’s Global Partner in Education, is setting a new benchmark for Indian schools with the Carte Blanche – 2020 Digital School recognition.

On 5th September, 2020, post COVID-19 and the announcement of the GoI’s National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, Tech Avant-Garde started the record-breaking Knowledge L’avenir Conclave (KLC) webinars.Th­e largest congregation of teachers (5,000) took a first-of-its-kind test and 3,950 of them became Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) certified digital classroom teachers in a single day (27th September)! Till 30th November, they trained 150,000 teachers from 72,000 schools with a student-teacher-parent population of 76 million. The National Education Policy 2020 places the school teacher at the focal point of digital transformation of all classrooms and holistic learning.

The schools eligible for the Carte Blanche Digital School 2020 graduation are those that have subscribed towards the MASP PRO / Digital Transformation and Holistic Learning Program (DTHL); wherein school teachers have been trained on Digital Teaching; where the school is conducting online classes daily for all grades; where teachers are MIE (Microsoft Innovator Educator) certified; and where teachers have trained the participants in the Knowledge L’avenir Conclave Webinars.

India is the first nation in the world where educational institutions have fulfilled the requirement of Knowledge Age by becoming a ‘Connected Learning Community’ as espoused by the UNESCO. 

Carte Blanche Digital Schools 2020 will be recognized as the first Connected Learning Community in the world which is the new genre of education for the Knowledge Age. The people and society who adopt this education systems will be Future Ready and most progress society in. 

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