Education is key to a nation’s development. We understand the importance of a solid education system in building a successful economy. Today, most nations realize its importance and are keen on imparting a good education system.

There has been a dramatic change in the world economic order in the last few decades. The evolving global market continues to create a plethora of possibilities for everyone, in every nation across the world. Two things however, have not changed – the pressing need for good quality education and professionals imparting it. The question is - Where do you find them? Who can find them for these institutions?

These are the needs met by Global Placements, worldwide. In the course of our work, we recruited Indian teachers to Africa, Gulf and APAC. We are glad to be the first organisation in India to have started this process. We have partnered with Ministry of education Ethiopia (1995), Ministry of education Eritrea (1996), Ministry of education Maldives (1996) and recruited teachers to these countries for the first time ever.

Our Strengths

  • A well-structured system for screening applicant's CVs.
  • Strong networking with Indian colleges and universities.
  • Huge database of academic professionals from various fields.
  • A panel committee of senior academic experts from top Indian institutions like IITs and IIMs to assist us in our hiring process.
  • We currently support the universities and schools from 12 countries including Gulf, Asia, Africa and APAC.

Our Clients