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Global Placements : Your Recruitment Partner !!

Global Placements is an international people recruitment firm established in 1993. We were the pioneers in gauging the need for qualified professionals in emerging markets and establishing an international network of talent sharing. GP was the first talent acquisition firm in placing Indian academic staff in African Universities in 1996 and health care professionals in Singapore in 1996, opening up the world of opportunities for Indian professionals.

Since then we have played a pivotal role in establishing talent sharing networks with more than 20 countries.

With more than two decades of experience we are the frontrunners in implementing innovative techniques in talent acquisition. Our vision is to illuminate the opportunity road map for qualified professionals across the globe.

LeadershipExperienced and Committed

At Global Placements, we are committed to client satisfaction and our whole team is driven to achieve this objective. Our endeavour is to reinvent ourselves to serve the changing needs of our partners. We do this working closely with our team of creative and committed professionals. Our leadership team is focused on mentoring young, energetic members motivating them to excel at their job. We invest in training our teams so that they can keep abreast with the latest developments in recruitment in terms of planning, processes, mapping and identification.

Srinivasu Nagalla


Jose Thomas

General Manager


Our Achievements A track record spanning 20 years

Our journey is dotted with several firsts over the last 2 decades. We are the first private organization from India to assist the Ministry of Education, Ethiopia; Ministry of Education, Eritrea; and Ministry of Education, Maldives in providing eminent teaching faculty.

We are also the first organization to work with Ministry of Health, Singapore, to recruit Indian Doctors & nurses for all the major hospitals in Singapore since 1996. We continue to render our services to Singapore and are contributing significantly to the nation�s healthcare management.


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Our Strength - 3 T's

Our strength is our Team, Technology and Thinking.


A great and committed team which puts the clients interest above everything.


Investment on the latest cutting edge technology to ensure optimum efficiency.


Kaizen is our philosophy (Kaizen is a Japanese term for continuous improvement).

Our Differentiators

Unparalleled Experience

Only Indian recruitment firm with 22 years of University faculty recruitment.

Screening Mechanism

Tie-up with subject experts from Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Science and Indian Institute of Management.The only recruitment firm in India to have tie-up with the above mentioned premier institutes. This tie-up allows to have subject experts form these Institutes who will conduct preliminary interviews. Only candidates cleared by the subject experts are presented to the clients for final interview.

Education Development Program (EDP)

In order to overcome the problem of non- availability of faculty for niche subjects, Global Placements has in place a program which ensures that the visiting faculty from India is sent to the client Universities. The faculty will teach the students for a minimum of one month and maximum of three months per semester by implementing the system Universities overcome the shortage of teaching in niche subjects.

University Collaborations

Global Placements is working on collaborations between Client Universities and Premier Institutions of India to have a Memorandum of Understanding which will cover the following:

  • Student Exchange Program
  • Faculty Exchange Program
  • Joint Research Program
  • Lab Development Program